December 30, 2021 - News

What we learned in 2021

Year 2021 was year 0 for us and growth was significantly above any expectations. We are on a mission to help companies drive more value from data. We do that by deeply caring about our clients’ business objectives and challenges and supporting them with solutions that leverage Cloud infrastructure, advanced analytics and solid data foundations.


2021 is inspiring our plans for further growth and development next year. We have built a flexible organization with experienced people and experienced learners. We have built a stable adaptable technology platform that can run on the major Cloud vendor platforms. We have coded and open sourced our data ingestion library – viadot.


In 2022, we will continue focusing on technology, while spending more time on messaging and education. There is a knowledge gap today when it comes to AI, ML and data in general. To help companies drive value from data, we need to help them understand the “why” and the “how” of their data-fueled initiatives. Another aspect of messaging is talent, because we believe in augmented teams and not full-blown outsourcing.


We are extremely grateful to our customers and our teams. To celebrate our year 0 we asked some of our team member to share what marked their 2021. See some their answers below; and for the rest visit our LinkedIn page.

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Our little contribution in times of uncertainty

Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people and we, as a company, want to help in the best way we can. For that reason, we have decided to offer an initial six-month paid relocation to two or three Ukrainian residents.

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