nesso Data Platform

Your all-in-one, cloud-agnostic data platform for enhanced ingestion, simplified management, improved security, and cost-effective data operations.

nesso Data Platform Features

It supports data ingestion from various sources, and provides comprehensive data storage and management solutions, simplifying data workflows.
nesso facilitates data processing, transformation, and modeling capabilities, making the data ready for analytical use.
It can transform a data lake into a data lakehouse, providing a more structured and efficient way to store and manage large volumes of data.
nesso offers a versatile interface for connecting to a data lake using Jupyter, Superset, or Python thereby increasing accessibility and collaboration.

Benefits of nesso Data Platform

Simplicity and Versatility

By utilizing a single SQL engine and unified interface, nesso effortlessly connects to data lakes, streamlining operations and offering versatility in managing data from various sources.

Improved Security and Governance

By offering one unified system for governance and management, nesso enhances the security of your data operations. Its inbuilt data governance and security measures ensure safe and responsible handling of data.

Cost-Effectiveness and Flexibility

nesso provides a more cost-effective solution by consolidating various tools under one umbrella and streamlining cost tracking. Being cloud-agnostic, nesso reduces dependencies and provides flexibility in case of changes in cloud service pricing or policies.

Ownership and Accessibility

nesso provides full ownership and one unified permission structure to enterprise customers, which means fewer dependencies overall. The team has all access and governance in one place, contributing to improved communications and decision making ability.

Quality Assurance

nesso includes features for data quality management, ensuring high-quality, reliable data for your organization.


Simplicity and Versatility


Improved Security and Governance


Cost-Effectiveness and Flexibility


Ownership and Accessibility


Quality Assurance

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How compatible is nesso with our existing data sources and systems?

nesso offers an extensive range of built-in data connectors. If you require a specific connector, we can incorporate it quickly to suit your use case.

How does nesso's cloud-agnostic feature work? How easy is it to switch between different cloud platforms?

nesso utilizes the Kubernetes technology, which simplifies the complexities associated with individual cloud providers. For added convenience, we also offer pre-configured templates for the major cloud providers, making the switch smoother and more user-friendly.

How does nesso ensure data governance and security? What measures are in place to prevent data breaches or non-compliance?


  • Data Encryption
  • SSO Integration
  • Cloud best practices, such as network isolation, resource policies, port blocking. In addition, our deployment templates integrate provider-specific reference architectures and best practices.
  • GDPR Compliance


  • Enforcing x-as-code and the Git workflow, we ensure that operations are easily auditable, replicable, revertible, and that every action undergoes validation. By aiming for maximum simplicity, we significantly reduce potential points of vulnerability, therefore lessening the exposure to threats.
  • Enforcing ownership of data assets
How frequently is nesso updated? How are updates and new features rolled out to clients?

nesso receives updates approximately once a month. Once users decide to adopt these updates, their operations team will implement the changes on their infrastructure. Typically, this might take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the specific components being updated.

How well does nesso scale with growing data and user needs?

nesso was built to scale. Through the use of scalable technologies such as the data lakehouse or distributed query engine, nesso can seamlessly scale from a few gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes of data, and beyond.

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