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Meet our Founder and CEO Alessio Civitillo

An experienced financial analyst and software engineer, Alessio brings a unique blend of expertise and vision to the world of data, ensuring that our clients unlock the hidden connections in their data and deliver value to their stakeholders.

His approach is rooted in speed, efficiency, and impact, reflecting his belief that robust software engineering practices are crucial to data-driven decision making. With a career that began in Corporate Finance & Controlling, Alessio is acutely aware of the unique challenges businesses face. His time in finance gave him a deep appreciation for the delicate interplay between data and business decisions.

During his career, he developed and led an Analytics Center of Excellence, immersing in the world of data and technology. This experience gave him valuable insights into the complex challenges of technology adoption within enterprises, ranging from change management to budgeting to delivering a clear vision to executives, among others.

His diverse roles, which include Senior Data & Analytics Manager, Analytics Manager, Global Sales Controller, and Finance Associate, have shaped him into a leader who understands both the big picture and the finer details. His holistic approach ensures that dyvenia's solutions are not just technologically sound, but also deliver real-world, business-centric impact.

About Us

Imagine a time when adding a new field to your company's data warehouse was a test of endurance, a marathon of meetings lasting months and more. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?  At dyvenia, we couldn't agree more. Our approach isn't simply about meeting requirements; it's about diving deep into the essence of the data we work with and ultimately translating it into actionable insights that make a difference to your bottom line.

In today's data-driven world, corporations are hungry for insights that offer real value, at a scale that matches their ambitions. But speed and scale go hand in hand; that's why dyvenia ensures that your data keeps pace with your company's growth, helping you to unlock its full potential quickly and efficiently.

What sets us apart is that our leadership team has actually been in your shoes. We've experienced the demanding world of running businesses firsthand. We're all about making a real impact on your bottom line. We know that understanding your data inside out is the key to success, so we don't just execute on requirements—we work as an extension of your team, asking the critical questions to get the answers that drive real impact. 

Our expert team is consistently building cutting-edge technology, designed to solve your actual business problems and empowering each and every member of your team to uncover meaningful insights and opportunities. We're all about giving you the tools to drive your own success and maximize the way your organization leverages data.

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