Do you wish to improve your skills, take impactful actions and have fun in the process?

Then we are a great match and you should join us! Continue reading what you will gain from working with us.


When you come on board, we prepare a development plan tailored to your needs and skills. Besides multiple opportunities to grow, you'll get to work with the state-of-the-art technology and contribute by building our own tools.


No matter what your seniority level is, your voice matters, and you are welcome to speak your mind. Share your ideas or concerns, and we will find solutions together. We will also do our best to share constructive feedback so that you can grow faster.


Not only we are passionate about what we do, we also like to have fun in the process. We enjoy team-building events where we strengthen our relationships and become more enthusiastic about coming to work.

Job opportunities


When you join our team, you can expect:


We want you to thrive as a member of our team and for that reason, we organize internal trainings and provide you with a training budget.

Hands-on mentorship

At the beginning of your journey, you will be guided by a mentor who will support you through your career development and help you find ways to grow professionally.


We provide flexible working hours and possibility to work from home (days per week vary during probation period and based on seniority).

Team events

We truly enjoy spending time together and getting to know one another better during various team-building activities.

Medical healthcare

We genuinely care about your wellbeing and therefore we provide private healthcare for you and your family.

Sport packages

We offer sport packages to support your healthy lifestyle and help you improve in your favorite sport activities.

Meet some of our team members


Meet Valeria, our Head of Data Analytics


Valeria Perluzzo

Head of Data Analytics

I have always been passionate about data science and project management, but somehow didn’t have the opportunity to evolve in this regard before joining dyvenia. dyvenia offered me the chance to challenge myself, the practical recruitment process was a great sample of what was to come. I was given lots of mentoring, coaching, constant feedback and a real short-medium-long term development plan. I managed to become a Senior Data Scientist in a few years and now I get to mentor other members and run massive projects, collaborating with multiple teams and people from all over the world.


Meet Rafał, our Junior Data Engineer


Rafał Ziemianek

Junior Data Engineer

dyvenia turned out to be a perfect place to start my career in Python and delve more into data. The most exciting part of my job is building our own tools for extracting data from different platforms. Knowing that our clients successfully use those solutions every day makes me feel proud of myself and my colleagues, and motivates me to take next steps with more confidence. I am happy to be a part of a supportive team and work with them on challenging projects.


Meet Małgorzata, our Junior Data Engineer


Małgorzata Wieloch

Junior Data Engineer

Before working in dyvenia, I was a data analyst for a large company that did not pay so much attention to the employees and their personal development. dyvenia is a whole other story. After several months of work, I had an opportunity to change my position from data analyst to engineer, which was a career breakthrough for me. What I love about dyvenia is that everything is so dynamic. There is no stagnation -- every day brings new tasks and projects in which we can boost our skills extremely fast.


Meet Kamil, our Data Analyst Team Lead


Kamil Krzyzanowski

Data Analyst Team Lead

There is nothing more empowering in a workplace than feeling that you’re making a difference and your actions having an impact. dyvenia gave me the opportunity to share my ideas and feel heard, which I’ve always valued. Even though the projects I am working on are challenging, I know I will be able to deliver because of my team. People I work with are not only smart and knowledgeable but also fun. Each workday, there is a time to work and a time to laugh. I am proud to grow together with dyvenia and be a part of the funniest team ever!