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Scaling with Data Intelligence
Equip your teams with the expertise and tools needed to turn data into actionable business insights.
Acquire the skill to ask the right questions, find the right information, and create easy-to-digest visualizations.
Bridge the gap between your technical and business teams, collaborating to identify areas for improvement and delivering customized solutions.
Experience the value of transparency and tailored support as we seamlessly integrate with and extend your organization.
Partner with us to deliver informative, insightful, data-driven guidance at all levels within your organization.
Join Valeria Perluzzo, Head of Data Analytics at dyvenia, while she uncovers our strategic methodology for establishing an effective data organization. 

Our approach, built on four essential pillars: Governance, Ecosystem, Focus, and Talent, will be illuminated through the lens of practical application.

Engage in a high-level discussion, network with like-minded professionals, and discover actionable strategies to establish an effective data organization.
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Our portfolio includes

Data Platform
Our robust and secure data platform provides the foundation for seamless data integration, management, and analytics, empowering your organization to harness data's full potential.
Data Modeling
Our expert team designs and implements data models that accurately represent your business processes, enabling informed decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.
Data flows
Streamline your data movement and processing with our data flow solutions, designed to optimize data ingestion, transformation, and distribution across your enterprise.
Luma data catalog
luma is the cutting-edge data catalog solution that empowers your organization to seamlessly locate, validate, and harness the power of your data.
Data Academy
Empower your team through increasing data literacy and synchronize diverse experience levels for mastering the evolving data landscape.

What our clients say

"dyvenia has transformed how we work with orders and sales data in our company. The robust data ingestion processes and automated monitoring have given us peace of mind, knowing that our critical performance analytics will be there when we need it. The solutions that dyvenia provides have allowed us to make better business decisions, knowing that we can depend on validated, financially accurate, data ingested and modelled straight from our ERPs.”
Michael B.
Finance Controller, Lapp
"dyvenia was a game-changer for Brainly's payment optimization. They worked closely with our payments and engineering team to develop essential metrics and reporting, crafting eight Tableau dashboards within three months. Now, we have valuable insights into our credit card fulfillment, leading to a smooth payment experience for our end users. Their expertise and efficiency were outstanding, and we highly recommend dyvenia for effective data solutions."
Blake Whitson
VP, Payments & Global Customer Support, brainly
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Scaling with data intelligence
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