Data is everywhere.

Unlock connections in your data to deliver more business value. 

Augment your teams with experienced data professionals who will not only help you arrive to actionable insight fast and efficiently, but also equip you with the required knowledge to boost your analytical IQ.

Data is everywhere.

Make sure that you have it where you need it.

Either from your favorite application to another, to a data lake, or already analyzed in form of a dashboard, we help you bring data wherever and whenever you need it. Transparent, fast, and efficient.


Access all your data in any application at any time

No more data trapped in application silos. Or manually merged tables in spreadsheets, which take ages to combine. Enable your applications to operate together seamlessly to get a unified and more valuable view of your data. Updated automatically whenever you want it.


Get a robust data connector to any data source in a fast and flexible manner.

integrate your data with a data lake

Use your same data integration flows to feed your data lake. Achieve one true source of truth.

process data near real-time

Easily add business logic to the data integration flow. Process and tranform data efficiently as it flows.


Combine all your data tools under one roof

Create a solid foundation to unlock the true potential of your data by integrating all your data tools and end-to-end data processes in an efficient and secure, yet future-proof way. Monitor your performance, give power (back) to the user, and grow efficiently.


Monitor and track usage adoption and computation across all of your data solutions. Get things fixed proactively with fewer tickets.


Enable your users to bring their own data and develop their own processes and insights, while being supported with automation templates and security mechanisms.


We make sure that the data platform evolves together with your skills and resources at the pace you choose.


Learn how we managed to move a client’s SAP data to a data lake in 2 hours

Organizations are on average using a little bit fewer than 1000 applications. Yet, only 28% of these are integrated, because usually application integration is a long and complex process. See how we can help you accelerate this process.

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Enhance your team with missing competencies for a quicker time to answer

We help your functional teams gain actionable insights and take impactful business decision based on your data. We work as an extension of your team that emphasizes fast delivery, pragmatic choices and extensive knowledge sharing.


We are a team of technologists and business domain experts. Hence, we help you structure projects in a way to bring value fast, while using your resources efficiently.

Quick wins to build momentum

With the “doer” mentality and laser focus on delivering rusults fast, we strive to secure a win every 90 days.

our people are your people

We become your extended team that considers your projects its own. We share our know-how and help you with answers and directions that will benefit you long term as well.


How we helped VELUX increase the performance of their display ad campaigns?

Looking to tap into the potential of hyper-personalization, a VELUX marketing wished to use data to identify unique geographic customer profiles which serve as the foundation for targeted advertising.

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