Finance department

With the evolving role of the Finance department, businesses are more than ever before relying on them to translate the mere numbers into actionable insight. The right insight can equip the Finance function to nimbly respond to market changes, expand the business in strategically important areas, spot trends and streamline their portfolios.

Unique challenges

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Data silos

Financial data comes from many sources. In many organizations, it remains trapped in its origin system instead of being integrated with other sources, causing an incomplete view of the current affairs.

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Data quality

Because data comes from so many different systems, the organizations face the challenge of poorly integrated ERPs and ingested data. This leads to data not matching up and hence offering an inaccurate picture.

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Regulatory requirements

The Finance organization faces strict regulatory requirements, which requires the organization to have an easy access to up-to-date, accurate and complete data.

Data security

With the rise of hacking and advanced and persistent threats, it is critical to establish secure systems that grant easy-to-use, yet granular access to users.

Growing opportunities with Financial Data Analytics

One of the greatest opportunities in Finance today is automating the consolidation of data and cross-referencing multiple sources of information. Such consolidation improves financial forecasting and simulations. Yet, working with complex data, as well as building automated processes to improve forecasting and value of insights, calls for a different, more foundational approach.


Fundamental approach

To establish an automated consolidated view of data, we believe it is vital to dive deeper into the financial value chain, all the way to data foundations. We see three significant opportunities.

Gather data

Collect data from various sources in a data lake, a single-source-of-truth repository that is affordable, scalable and easy to use. Complement it with a data catalogue to document all your data assets.

Access validated data

Implement data models that automatically prepare, model and validate data on periodic basis.

Generate actionable insight

Expand your data lake with query and visualization layers to empower your members to not only easily consume insight but also generate it by themselves.

How can dyvenia help you?

We house the talent and all capabilities needed to support your Finance organization in establishing solid data foundations.

Quick time to answer

We employ state-of-the-art technology, proven development methods and approaches to help you achieve quick time to insight.

Adaptable business models

To adapt to your unique circumstances and needs, we offer flexible business models that emphasize team work and fast time to result.

Complete transparency

We update you on the status of your projects regularly so that we can make decisions together. We also document all our processes in documentation or code and we don’t hide information to create vendor blocking.

Flexible, yet future-proof data foundations

By housing all needed data capabilities, we help you build efficient, expandable and future-proof data foundations that allow for seamless creation of scalable AI/ML and BI projects.


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